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The Verkada-X-perience - Welcome to Modern Physical Security

Overview :

Physical Security (PhySec) is a technology that provides security measures that allow or deny access, to a facility, equipment, or resource, depending upon different authorization levels. Although PhySec is an integral part of the CIA TRIAD, as a technology, has seen significant changes in how we perceive and engineer it.

So we at tcplabs finally gave Verkada ( a try.

Call it the new “God Mode” in the world of Video Surveillance-as-a-Service. This best in class solution with beautifully coupled IP Cameras, totally removes the need for a DVR/NVR type setup for customers.

TESTING 1…2…3… :

We tested two of Verkada’s Dome Type Cameras and were amazed to see what they can do:

• D40 – The Indoor Dome Camera.

Figure 1.1 Specs - D40 Mini Dome Camera

• D50 – The Outdoor Dome Camera.

Figure 1.2 Specs - D50 Outdoor Dome Camera

Lets begin with the login to the Command Control:


Create an account and Sign in -

Figure 1.3. Create Account and Sign in

Configure Settings :

Account Basics -

Figure 1.4. X-perience Simplest UI for Account Creation

NOTE: We have chosen to not enable Two-factor Auth but you can enable it using any two factor authentication application like Google Authenticator.

Notifications -

• You can configure notifications via SMS/Email for Tampering Detection, Camera going offline and for Camera Motion events.

Figure 1.5. X-perience Notifications

Role Based Access & Control -

• Users can be managed in Admin and Viewer modes with the flexible controls over various Sites or the entire organization.

Figure 1.6. X-perience RBAC

Audit Logs -

Figure 1.7. X-perience Auditing

More Settings -

Figure 1.8. More Settings = More Control

Offline Mode -

Figure 1.9. X-perience Control Offline

Manage Additional Organizations -

Figure 1.10. X-perience Easy Org. Management

Add a Device:

Hello Verkada

… Say Goodbye to hours to Configuring and Deleting Cameras to a DVR/NVR.
… Say Goodbye to old Physical Security tech.
… Say Goodbye to pain.

User QR or Serial Number to add Cameras.

Figure 1.11. X-perience Easy Device Provisioning

Easy to Un-Provision -

Figure 1.12. X-perience Easy Device Un-Provisioning

Site Configuration:

• Create and Manage Sites with ease:

Figure 1.13. X-perience Site Management (HQ Site)

Figure 1.14. X-perience Site Management (Branch Site)

Grid Configuration

• Create and Manage Grids per your requirements:

Figure 1.15. X-perience Grid Management

Cameras :

Figure 1.16. X-perience Camera Views like never before

On the Cameras View page here are the options you have:

Modify Camera Name -

Figure 1.17. Modify Camera Name

Modify Camera Site -

Figure 1.18. Modify Camera Site

View Camera Details -

Figure 1.19. View Camera Details

Advanced Settings -

Figure 1.20. Advanced Settings for the Cameras - 1

Figure 1.21. Advanced Settings for the Cameras - 2

Auto Focus -

Figure 1.22. X-perience the power of Auto Focus

Motion Alerts -

• One of the most noticeable features is the Motion Alerts Feature which lets you filter by People and Vehicles.

Figure 1.23. X-perience Safety with Motion Alerts

Motion Alert Emails -

Figure 1.24. Motion Alert Email Format

Enable Person History:

Figure 1.25. Person History Feature Configuration

People Analytics:

Bring Intelligence and Efficiency to Investigations. With the Verkada People Analytics you can:

• Match People
• Face Search
• People Detection
• Heat maps

People Analytics is a powerful set of tools built to proactively inform users about people detected in frame. Using powerful computer vision technology, footage is instantly analyzed to detect and match individuals based on a range of factors including clothing color and facial traits.

Figure 1.26. X-perience People Analytics

How People Analytics Works -

Figure 1.27. How People Analytics Works

See Who is in Frame
From the Command Platform, instantly see a breakdown of unique individuals found in frame on supported cameras*.

Search People
Use pre-built filters to quickly find matches across cameras by searching time, date, and unique traits like clothing color and faces.

Mobile Search
Directly from a mobile device, users can search for matches by using existing photos in their library or by taking a photo with a phone’s camera.

Modify Camera Location

Figure 1.28. X-perience of Location Management for Cameras

Maps -

• Powered by Google Maps, Verkada uses Map and Satellite Imagery.

Figure 1.29. X-perience The Power of Google Maps in Physical Security

Upload Floor Plans for your Buildings as needed -

Figure 1.30. X-perience The Power of Google Maps in Physical Security


Figure 1.31. X-perience Easy Archival

Want to know More about Verkada :

Further Details about Verkada’s Security Cameras can be found:

https://www.verkada. … om/security-cameras/

Further Details about Verkada’s Access Control Solutions can be found:


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